Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Introduction: What's in my bag?

Hi Everyone,

I have spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to write out an introductory blog post for all of you. I'll let you all in on a little secret- I absolutely hate TALKING ABOUT MYSELF! With that said, introductions are never easy for me. I always try and keep things to the bare minimum, for example: 

"Hi! My name is Cindi... I'm 27 years old, a single mother to a boy named Lansen & I'm from Kauai, Hawaii" 

That is usually how my introductions go. Booooring right?

After a lot of brainstorming, I decided I'd change it up a bit and make it fun for all of you! I figured what better way for you all to get to know me by doing a "What's in my bag?" post. (Yes, like the YouTube videos, except in blog form!) I honestly feel that you can really learn about a person by the contents they carry in their bag. 

The bag that I am currently using is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in Monogram Canvas. This is one of my newer additions to my ever growing bag collection. I like this bag for everyday use because it is the PERFECT SIZE- not too big, not too small... just right! Also, I love that you can change the shape/look of the bag just by cinching it in. Also, true to it's name, this bag is like a black hole... and it is NEVER FULL.
(BTW, you see that cute little pink bunny hanging from my bag? She follows me wherever I go! I am a sucker for all things cute!)

I like to keep the contents in my bag as basic as possible. I only like to carry things that I NEED... and steer clear from carrying my whole house in my bag. 

What's in my bag?
1. Wallet, Louis Vuitton Insolite in Damier Ebene| I am very picky about my wallet and I have to admit that I absolutely LOVE this wallet. I love that it has A LOT of compartments. I might be basic about the things I carry in my purse, but I tend to carry EVERYTHING in my wallet. If you are interested in seeing what's in my wallet, that would be a whole 'nother blog post! Haha! 2. iPad 3| I like having my iPad with me for business (Bracelets by Cindi) & personal purposes. I definitely recommend an iPad for fellow "Super Mom's". You won't be disappointed, it'll make your life A LOT easier! (Get a handmade iPad case like mine, here: World Designs3. Kindle| I am a bookworm and MUST have my Kindle or a book with me wherever I go! (If you are interested in getting a Hello Kitty Kindle Case like mine, check out iLYtifftiffer4. Coin purse| Isn't this the cutest handmade coin purse? I bought this coin purse from Sugar Junkie Shop. 5. Key Chain & Handmade Bear Key Cover| I am a sucker for cute key covers... the cuter, the better! This key cover is from We Love Stitches!  6. Sony Camera| I am a mother and like having a camera with me wherever I go! My son is my EVERYTHING and like every mother, I love taking a gazillion pictures of him! (If you are interested in getting a Hello Kitty Camera Case like mine, check out iLYtifftiffer).

I hope that you all got a little glimpse of me after seeing what's in my bag! Nothing too crazy! You may notice that I don't carry a makeup bag or any cosmetics in my bag... That's because I don't wear makeup on a daily basis! Just in case you were wondering!

I'd love to know what's in YOUR bag! Leave a comment below!