Friday, March 22, 2013

Recap: Mini Vacation to O'ahu

Last week Friday through Monday, I went on a mini vacation to O'ahu with my boyfriend Jason and my son Lansen for 4 days and 3 nights. We visit O'ahu quite often, about 1-2 times a year. It's just an island away and a very short plane ride, I'd say a little under half an hour. We stayed at the  Hyatt in Waikiki... Our room was on the 17th floor, we had mostly a "City View with a partial Ocean View". I think I enjoyed the city view A LOT more than the ocean view. I live on Kauai, so I see the ocean every day... but I don't get to see the city lights very often. During the evenings during my trip, I enjoyed relaxing on the balcony and admired the view of the Honolulu City Lights. 

While in O'ahu, we had a couple of fun things planned. We visited the Bishop Museum on Saturday and spent our afternoon looking through all of the different exhibits that the museum had to offer. Lansen really enjoyed the X-treme Bugs Exhibit at the Science Adventure Center! We also went to the Planetarium, the Hawaiian Hall (my favorite!) & the Castle Memorial. 

On Sunday, we visited Sea Life Park- it's very similar to Sea World, but much smaller. We spent the afternoon looking through all of the fun attractions- my favorite was the Sea Lion Feeding Pool, Lansen really enjoyed Dolphin Cove.  I haven't been to Sea Life Park for many years. The last time I visited was when I was in the 7th or 8th grade... so it was pretty nostalgic being back there. I was sad to see that they didn't have a Killer Whale at the park anymore, but we still enjoyed our time there very much!

Aside from visiting the Bishop Museum and Sea Life Park, we spent our time taking advantage of the dining and shopping in O'ahu. They have so much more variety than Kauai!  We also spent the evenings walking around Waikiki- it's always fun seeing many people from different walks of life and being able to catch a glimpse of the different conversations people are having. While walking throughWaikiki we ran into Elmo- of course Lansen and I had to take a picture with him!

All in all, we had a wonderful (much needed) mini vacation! The only downside was that it went by too fast, as most vacations do! The exciting news is that we are one week closer to our vacation to Maui in May! Let the vacation planning begin!

Here are a few highlights from our trip:
Cindi & Lansen
Bishop Museum: X-treme Bugs Exhibit

Jason & Lansen
Bishop Museum: X-treme Bugs Exhibit

Jason & Lansen
Sea Life Park: Shark Tank

Cindi & Lansen
Sea Life Park: Hawaiian Monk Seal Exhibit
(You can see Easter Island in the background!)

Sea Life Park: Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle Lagoon

Sea Life Park: Dolphin Cove

Sea Life Park: Sea Lion Feeding Pool

Waikiki: Cindi, Elmo & Lansen

Friday, March 8, 2013

Decorating Envelopes

Who says receiving letters in the mail shouldn't be fun?! 
For those of you that don't know me, one of my favorite things of all time is Snail Mail- I loooove sending & receiving letters! My love for writing letters started back in the 4th grade when our class was assigned pen pals! I was partnered with a girl my age named Erin who lived in Austin, Texas! I instantly fell in love with the art of letter writing! A lot of my classmates, wrote to their partners once or twice throughout the school year, but Erin & I, we wrote religiously! I remember receiving letters & postcards from her once a week, sometimes twice a week! Fast forward 17 years later & we still keep in touch. We don't write as much anymore, but we do keep in touch through email & text message! My love for letters have stuck with me throughout the years!

Lately, I have really been into decorating envelopes! I think it's a fun way to be crafty & creative... Also, it makes receiving letters all the more fun! Here are a few ways that I enjoy decorating my letters! 
What I used: "Brown Bag" Envelopes by Paper Accents, Washi Tape, Bear Memo Sheets, Double Sided Tape, Scissors & Sharpie Pen

What I used: "Brown Bag" Envelopes by Paper Accents, Paper Lace Doilies, Double Sided Tape & Washi Tape

What I used: Plain White Envelopes, Washi Tape & Scissors

Do you enjoy sending &  receiving mail? 
If so, when did your love of mail begin?!
I'd love to hear your story!