Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Etsy Picks: Valentine Favorites

Is it just me or did January fly by in the blink of an eye? I can hardly believe that in a few days it will be a brand me month. Whenever I think of February. I think of Valentines Day! I can honestly say that I'm not huge on celebrating this holiday, but I do enjoy browsing around & shopping for Valentine Goodies! 

What girl doesn't love pink, red and heart shaped things?! 

Here are a few of my Valentine Favorites from Etsy:

$25.00 USD

$6.00 USD

$3.50 USD

$17.50 USD

What are some of your Valentine Favorites from Etsy?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cute & Girly

It's no  big surprise that I am a lover of all things cute and girly! 
My motto is & always has been,
"The cuter, the better!"
Raise your hands if you live by this motto too!

Here are a few things I am currently loving:
Handmade Heart Pouches & Heart Ornaments, ILYtifftiffer

Handmade Amigurumi Bunny Rabbits with Carrot Pouch, WereRabbit2006

Fancy Japanese Candy Mix

Mini Envelopes, Sunflower Stationary

Washi Tape

Monday, January 21, 2013

My Thoughts: K.slademade

I first heard about K.slademade back in October. As I was flipping through OK Magazine. The K.slademade Pale Pink Tip Pouch & Tassel were featured in OK Magazine's Gift Guide in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 
The cute pink leather pouch and matching tassel instantly caught my eye and I immediately headed over to my computer so I could browse the K.slademade website. Talk about love at first sight, I fell in love with everything and I had such a hard time choosing what I wanted... all I knew is that I needed to buy something from her shop. I initially wanted to purchase a bag/clutch but I couldn't decide between The Brooklyn Foldover & The Heather Crossbody. Since I couldn't seem to make a decision, I decided to keep my first purchase small. 

Before purchasing, I did a little research. I read that all orders are MADE UPON PURCHASE. It can take up to two weeks for Kelsea, the owner of K.slademade, to fulfill your order. 

My first purchase from her shop was The Pale Pink Tassel.
It took a little over a week before I got an email saying that my order was shipped. Kelsea, ships her orders via USPS Priority Mail. I know that Priority Mail can take anywhere from 2-4 days for delivery. I was surprised that my order arrived from Indiana to Hawaii in just TWO DAYS! 
The tassel arrived in a box, tied in a ribbon & adorned with a monogram K sticker. Perfectly wrapped for gift giving. The tassel keychain looks exactly as pictured and would make the perfect bag charm or keychain. I use my K.slademade tassel as a keychain- it makes finding my keys easier & much more fun!

My Second Purchase was The Heather Crossbody in Black.
I decided to get it with the short 18" chain, because I wanted to use it as a shoulder bag, rather than as a crossbody. 
The turnaround time was quick, it took about a week for her to ship my order! I received my order in about 5 days. The Heather Crossbody came wrapped in navy blue tissue paper, secured in a plastic sleeve! 
I am head over heels in love with this bag. I am usually a sucker for large totes, but for a long time now I have been looking for something on the smaller side that will fit only my necessities. Also, an added bonus, I don't have any black purses... this is my very first! I love everything about this bag- the quality, the chain detail, the tassel & the simplicity of it. I love that it forces me to only carry the things I need, rather than carrying my whole life in my bag like I tend to do. 

If you'd like to see what I carry in my Heather Crossbody, leave a comment below and I'll be sure to do a quick post on it! 

Anyways, all in all, I am a huge fan of K.slademade and I highly recommend her shop to all you bag lovers! I love her shop so much that I already have a list of K.slademade goodies that I want to buy next! 

Be sure to check out K.slademade!
I'd love to know, what are your favorites from K.slademade?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 
Wishing you all a year full of health, happiness & prosperity! 

My Goals for 2013
1. Eat Healthier, Exercise More
I really hope to make healthier food choices in 2013! I won't lie it'll be a huge struggle for me just because I enjoy sugary things like chocolates and Pepsi. Not to mention my favorite meal of the day is dessert! Yes, I consider it a meal! Anyways, all joking aside, I really do hope to make healthier decisions all around- food and exercise wise! I'm looking forward to the healthy and very active year ahead! 
2. Take More Pictures
In high school & my early 20's I used to take pictures galore. I feel like throughout the years, I haven't been taking as many pictures on my camera. Yes, I do snap the occasional picture on my iPhone but even though it's convenient, it isn't always the best quality. I know this seems like such an easy goal, but if you know me, you know it isn't easy for me. I always get so caught up in the moment that I tend to forget to capture it in photograph sometimes... okay the majority of the time! That's why I plan on changing things this year... So here's to taking more pictures with my camera in 2013!
3. Stop Being A Doormat
This is actually a continuation from last year. I feel like I have improved a lot on this throughout 2012, but in all honesty it's still a "work in progress". There are times I find myself still letting people walk all over me because I have such a hard time saying "no" and drawing the line. Here's to sticking up for myself & learning where to draw the line in 2013! 

What are your goals/resolutions for 2013?

Cindi & Lansen